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Hey guys, I have an original comic on this site you might wanna look at:


HEY for all of those who are watching me and +fav'ing me: Thank you so much guys, it means a lot! I'm happy you guys are so generous and such.
:bulletwhite: Tumblr
:bulletred:YouTube (There's ALMOST nothing on here.)
:bulletpink: RIP DoInk Username SketchCat
:bulletgreen: TUMBLR <<That's my art one anyway. My normal one is

I do commissions. I can go through Pay Pal or points, also iTunes gift cards are cool too. Whatever source of payment is fine. But for sake of simplicity, I shall put prices in US Dollars. Prices are not set in stone and can be negotiated. :)
The way payment works: You tell me to draw something. I draw the sketch. I show that sketch to you. If you are satisfied, you pay me either one half or all of the money then, both assuring you that I'm actually doing something and me that you are going to pay. Then I give you the completed work of art, and if you payed half earlier, you pay the other half then. If you don't like this system, feel free to talk to me.

:bulletred: I will not draw porn or obscene material. Blood, gore, and violence is allowed (say zombies) but very graphic images will not be drawn (detailed gore.) If you are not sure if your request is too inappropriate or graphic, feel free to ask me if it is or not.

**I like doing concept art :heart:
**Give me a reference and I can draw it pretty well
**Backgrounds cost more
**Color costs more
**More characters/things going on costs more

Sketches + Lineart
Pretty well free if they are simple enough. Linework is not free. Color costs more. If they require detail: $1-$4
Design- Jade for Gizmolover by Sketch-ZapScout Menu- ZFrenchM Request by Sketch-ZapEarl by Sketch-Zap
Small Colored Nice Things I Can't Come Up With a Name For.
I usually work in watercolor when coloring traditionally. If you would like it digitally colored for some reason, just say so, though, I think my watercolor paintings are better. Great for simple portraits! $4-$5
Dear Scout by Sketch-ZapSherlock and The Doctor: Art trade! by Sketch-Zap
Big Colored Nice Things
These are good if you want nice detail and good color- when I use larger paper there is room for that! Price can really change depending on number of characters, complexity of design, and other things. $7-$10
Request- Coffee with Snipes by Sketch-ZapSketchBook Cover (Oct '13) by Sketch-Zap
Apparently I'm good at comics. They are pretty much like Big Colored Nice Things, just... different. So feel free to commission me on these things. Can be colored or not. Color costs more but looks better! The more characters, the higher the price (Hard to fit a lot of people in a panel, remember!) $7-$10 for first page, $10 for each page after that. I will not do a complete comic series for you. Max pages will be 5.
1953- pg. 14 by Sketch-ZapAHS: Page 13 by Sketch-Zap1953- pg. 4 by Sketch-Zap
Other Stuff
If you want me to make something, but don't see it on here, ASK! I'm game for trying out new things, go ahead and ask me do do something I've never done before.

Yet another note I would like to be notified well in advance if you want to commission me. I take forever to do things because I have a hectic schedule. The earlier you tell me when you want it, and the later that date is, the better I can finish it for you without feeling bad about giving it to you two weeks later.
Some cool music you should listen to!

Random Favourites

Artists who deserve high praise ^


Gift: Jake! by SKoomah TVHeads Collab with SketchZap by aura102
Made by SKoomah Made with aura102
Scout au Silver Spur Steakhouse by ZeFrenchM Commission for Sketch-Zap by Calicara
Made with ZeFrenchM Made by Calicara


Me here all by myself in this quiet corner of the net...





Livestream like in 10 minutes??
So I'm thinking 23 GMT might work. octo-three , I hope that works.
See I'll be doing stuff earlier that day at 19:30 GMT, and I don't know how long it'll be going for.

But yea so 23 GMT? So like 5 CST.
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I have a four day weekend, I'm bound to have some free time, so tell me what days/times work for you. I'm thinking like Friday again? Can't be Saturday because I'm taking the ACT. Ha... Maybe Saturday afternoon. 
I'm probably going to be busy Thursday, mid-Friday I definitely will be, Sunday I'm probably going to be doing homework if any is assigned (hope there won't be.)

But yea think about it me bros
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Adam Lambert? Blast from the past eh
  • Reading: stufff
  • Watching: da time and stuff like always
  • Playing: TF2 with Calicara!
  • Eating: every thing
  • Drinking: D'eau comme d'habitude

I’ll admit it, I am slightly envious of others who have relationships.

I’m supposed to take pride in myself for who I am, but that’s rather hard when there is nobody there to confirm it.

I often wonder if something is wrong with me, but then I get confused because, truth be told, there are people with relationships out there who are way more messed up than I am.

I dunno. I feel like whenever I see the chance at love, and when I do have a chance at love, I fantasize about it. It has to be very particular though… only one or two people have ever really “had my heart” and the last one is/was hard to get over, because it never even happened. Not for him, at least I don’t think so. If so he never showed it.

Nothing happens to me. I’ve only got asked for my number once. And now he doesn’t--- well, the last three times I tried contacting him, he didn’t respond. That was a month ago. I’ve missed him, but I’m not going to admit that. Especially ---

I keep remembering how he said when he wasn’t so busy we could work out a time each week to play.

I hear sometimes  people say things just to get people off their shoulders.

He didn’t respond the last three times. I’ve figured if he wanted something, he’d ask. Maybe. Or at least, he’d reply. That’s all he ever needed to do.

But he never asked about me, really. Perhaps that was because I was asking about him, his interests and stuff. That’s how you get a person talking. Talk about them.

He probably doesn’t know much about me. He doesn’t know that I am a hard-core Muse fan, that I’m probably going to Canada for college, or that I hated my long hair. Or that I even had long hair. That’s probably for the better since I didn’t look that great with long hair.

Hhe actually gave attention to me (I’m not quite used to that, I’m usually quite content about giving attention to others) and it felt good. It felt good when we played, at least, most of the time. I wanted to talk to him about stuff, about him, but I was afraid I’d make a fool of myself.

See, I have to trust people beyond reasonable doubt before I mention anything of my thoughts. I can do it easier on here because, well, it’s a screen. That’s all it is. Although I know better, it feels much safer.

I just find it so hard to disclose my feelings. I’m embarrassed by them.

Plus I feel like I’m undateable. My friends say I am datable (one said if she were a guy she’d date the heck out of me, haha…) but evidence proves otherwise.

I’ve had no boyfriends.

I haven’t even been on a date.

Some of that is my fault, I could’ve went on a date, but I didn’t really feel true feelings for the guy, so I balked out and told him the truth. I’m afraid I hurt his feelings, but they would have been more hurt if I’d went on a date with him and cut it off there.

I mean, even the French exchange student who has been here for not even two months found a boyfriend.

So I’m like 10-15 pounds overweight. That’s not it, because plenty of overweight people have relationships.

I consider myself pretty. At least tolerable to look at--- I mean, let’s be frank here, I’m at least not ugly, I know that. So that’s not it.

So it must be my personality. I don’t know what’s wrong with my personality, but obviously it does not attract people. Maybe friends, but that’s it.

I feel like nobody wants me, not like I am capable of wanting them.

I want someone to go look at art with me. I want someone who will do crazy stuff with me, adventure with me, watch animated then action movies with me. Dress up for Halloween with me.

Just… someone to let me know I am capable of being loved.

Because the evidence shows that I’m not all that wanted.

I dunno, maybe it’s just another sign from the universe that I need to leave this place. A relationship would only further tie me here.

My friend said I was an atypical only child. I’m lonely. And that’s the truth.

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Just call me Sketch.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
It is very possible that I might be slightly insane.
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I can exchange a few good sentences in French, English is my native language, and I plan to learn German, (and heck, maybe Russian) in the future! Danke pour reading, друзья! Parler français pour moi! Je besoin le pratique, et j'adore parler français!

Hello there! I don't know how you stumbled upon my page, but welcome! I don't care who you are- white, black, purple, Hindu, Catholic, atheistic, weird, popular, straight, gay, disabled, or none of the above- as long as you are kind and courteous, you are welcome.
So, this is the bio right? About me... I'm not as old or young as you think. Haha. I dunno, maybe you're spot on correct of the guessing of my age- I'll let you guess, I like to remain more of an enigma. I love cats, I love music, I love thinking, and I love love love drawing. It is what I was made to do. Sorta, anyway. I'm no pro, I can tell you that right here.
I suck at digital art, but I'm learning. Right now I'm into making comics, it's something I can do sorta right. You're going to have to bear with me here, I'm not anything special. I'm just someone who likes to draw. I'm just someone with a head full of dreams.
I hope you enjoy my so-called "art," and if you ever need or want anything from me, I'd be more then happy to help you. I love talking, so feel free to comment as much as you like.
Thank you, and enjoy!


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Hurrr I keep raising the point goal hahaha



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